Revive Counseling is a private counseling practice operated by Licensed Professional Counselor Joshua M. Higginbotham, located in Bethany Village in Portland Oregon.

We are honored to be part of, and continually inspired by our clients’ courage to show up and be seen, overcome shame and difficult circumstances, and begin to embrace worthiness, deeper connection, healing, and change. We absolutely love being a part of this process.

We invite you to look through Revive Counseling’s website, and visit the about page to learn more about us, and to see if we may be a good fit for you or your loved ones. You can also see our real-time availability and schedule an appointment, or contact us via phone or secure e-mail with any questions you may have.

Joshua Higginbotham, Counseler of Revive Counseling

Unique and personalized services for every client need

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Client – Beaverton, OR
“Josh truly cares about people. I trust him, and have relied on him as he helped me work through some significant shame and boundary issues. This guy was alongside me as I healed, every step of the way. I’m very glad I found him!”
Tara McCormick Testimonial Image

Tara McCormick

Marriage and Family Therapist – Albuquerque, NM

“What an honor to write about Joshua. He is dependable, genuine, optimistic, humble and caring. He is a gifted therapist with sharp clinical skills which assist his clients to make meaning from their past experiences, navigate challenging circumstances, clarify their goals and uncover their strengths.”

J.W & R.W

Client – Tigard, OR

“When we came to Josh our relationship was not in a good place.  He was great.  He was empathetic and insightful, and gave us a safe place figure out how to connect again.  Something we hadn’t done in a long time.  He believed in our marriage when I don’t think we did anymore.  Josh has had a huge impact on our relationship.”

Garrett Baldwin Testimonial Image

Garrett Baldwin

Licensed Professional Counselor – Portland, OR
“I have known Josh for 4 years as both a graduate student and as a counseling professional.  Josh demonstrates both a passion for mental health and his clients.  He continues to study mental health and ways to hone his skills.  Josh’s clinical approach is both empathetic and practical for those he works with.  I highly recommend and endorse Josh as a counseling professional.  We need more counselors like him in the field!”
Danielle Brook Testimonial Image

Danielle Brook

Professional Counselor – Denver, CO

“As a past co-therapist of mine, Josh was very professional and in-tune with his client’s needs. His kind and empathetic heart went a long way in making everyone he met feel comfortable. He never put pressure on his clients to meet their goals quickly, yet he was proactive in helping them meet their goals when they were ready. He is patient and understands that every client is different and makes changes at their own pace. I would refer clients to him any day.”

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